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August US Military Deaths: Trend Lines
War Critics, Supporters Will Spin Death Toll Differently; Here's How
09/01/2007 5:26 PM ET
US Mil DeathsAug. 2007July 2007Aug. 20062007 Monthly Average2006 Monthly Average2005 Monthly Average2004 Monthly Average2003 Monthly AverageWar Monthly Average

War critics will say:
-- U.S. military deaths are up (slightly) from July to August.
-- Deaths are up 24% in August 2007 versus August 2006.
-- August 2007 deaths are 16% above the war-to-date monthly average.

War supporters will argue:
-- The 81 deaths in August 2007 are 10% less than the 2007 monthly average.
-- August is the second consecutive month of double digit deaths after three previous consecutive months of triple-digit deaths.


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