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USG Iraq Jobs Paying $200k+ Yearly Go Begging
Big Bonus Pay, Other Incentives Fail to Fill Long-Vacant Job Openings in Iraq
By EASON JORDAN 09/06/2007 11:29 AM ET
Despite offering unprecedented incentives to lure qualified Americans to apply for U.S. government jobs in Iraq, the State Department is struggling to fill dozens of positions -- some vacant for months and others newly-created.

Incentives include 70% bonus pay (combined capped at $212,100 annually), free housing and meals, and three paid trips back to the States each year.

Job OpeningsSalary RangeBonusAnnual Pay

A new incentive for existing State Department employees: being able to have your pick of a choice job post -- London, Paris, Sydney, you name it -- after serving one year in Iraq.

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