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BorderWatch:Saudi Arabia
Fleeing Iraq
Bin Laden to Build Iraqi-Proof Fence?
Saudi Arabia Plans 560 mile, $1.07 Billion Dollar Border With Iraq
09/12/2007 4:42 PM ET
The Ministry of Interior, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (MIKSA) has put out to bid the construction of a fence designed to keep Iraqis from entering illegally. The double fence will be razor wire, and feature FLIR (thermal night vision) cameras and radar to detect penetrators. One of the five potential local companies asked to bid is the Bin Laden Group as well as Saudi Oger, El-Seif Engineering & Construction, Al-Khodary Sons and Al-Arrab Contracting. Foreign bidders include EADS, Boeing and BAE Systems Final bids must be in by October 28th. Interior Minister Prince Nayef said in November the border fence had become essential to protect security. "All of Iraq's neighbours are suffering directly from what is happening in Iraq," he said.

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