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GAO Asks DOD to Release Monthly Attack Stats
August Data Shows Decline in Attacks as Pentagon Agrees to Recommendation
09/28/2007 6:39 PM ET
The Pentagon has agreed to start supplying data categorizing enemy-initiated attacks in Iraq on a monthly basis, after a recommendation by the Government Accountability Office.

GAO made the suggestion in a "report" aptly-titled "DOD Should Provide Congress and the American Public with Monthly Data on Enemy-Initiated Attacks in Iraq in a Timely Manner," released Friday.

The Pentagon conceded to follow the recommendation, and the GAO makes use of new data from August to report a positive development supporting the inferences of US military leaders that they have recently witnessed a palpable decline in attacks.

GAO reports enemy-initiated attacks decreased to their lowest level since June 2006 this past August, primarily because of an ebb in the number targeting coalition forces, which represent the largest categorization, though the data indicated a decrease in attacks against civilians as well.

GAO report on attack data d071048r.pdf


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