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Few Attempt Conscientious Objector Status
GAO Reports Only 425 Applications From 2002-2006, 44% Denial Rate
10/01/2007 6:29 PM ET

A new GAO study on conscientious objectors in the US military reports that the number appealing for the status represented a relatively small percentage of the overall service.

Between 2002 and 2006, 425 servicemembers filed applications for conscientious objector status with the US military. Fifty-five percent of the applications were approved, 44% denied, and 3% were withdrawn, pending, closed, or not enough information was available to determine a reason.

GAO determined that the designation of conscientious objector status does not influence the award of VA benefits. Rather, whether or not a servicemember had an honorable or dishonorable discharge was the primary determinant, though the length of service could also be a factor.

Of the 224 servicemembers who were approved as conscientious objectors, 207 received honorable discharges and 14 received general discharges. Information on the other three was not available.

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