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Iraqi Police Allegedly Behind Victory Attack
Unconfirmed Report US Military Arrested Seven in Raid on Baghdad Precinct
10/11/2007 11:21 AM ET
The US military has reportedly raided a police precinct in Western Baghdad, arresting a lieutenant and six policemen on suspicion of being involved in last night's attack on Camp Victory.

A series of mortars were fired into Camp Victory Wednesday night after dark, killing two and injuring forty. London's Times reported a Western security contractor on the base said that he heard nine mortar rounds after dark last night and four explosions inside the compound, though VOI cited a policeman who said twelve mortars had been fired.

The US military has released little information about the attack itself or any direct response, but VOI reports a number of policemen have been taken into custody.

"U.S. forces, backed by helicopters, raided at dawn a police precinct in al-Bayaa neighborhood in western Baghdad, where they arrested Lieutenant Dureid Abd el-Hussein and six policemen," a police source told VOI.

"The force confiscated a police vehicle and damaged some properties," he added.

"The main reason for arresting the officer was his suspected involvement in the attack on the U.S. Camp Victory military base near the Baghdad International Airport," he explained.


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