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Iraqi Journalists Tour Notorious Areas
MNF and Iraqi Forces Lead Excursions into East, West Baghdad
10/12/2007 5:34 PM ET
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American and Iraqi forces have led tours of former Baghdad hot spots for Iraqi journalists this week, Slogger sources in the capital say.

On Wednesday a joint MNF and Iraqi media operation took Iraqi journalists into the al-Jami' and Iskan districts of Baghdad to see the security situation in these areas. The areas were quiet, the journalists reported. Journalists also reported that Baghdad Amana, the municipal sanitation provider, had cleaned the streets of these areas and was picking up the trash.

In eastern Baghdad, the media committee of the Iraqi Rusafa operations command led a similar tour the day before, taking journalists through the districts of Baladiyat, Mashtal, and Baghdad al-Jadida, to check the security situations and services. A journalist that participated on the excursion reported to IraqSlogger that -- at least during the time of the tour – the rumors that Mahdi Army militiamen were operating false checkpoints to target Sunnis in the area appeared to be false.


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