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Shooting War: The Graphic Novel
Iraq 2011 Sets Scene for New Dystopian Vision of the Future of GWOT
11/23/2007 11:02 AM ET

John McCain taking Prozac. Gasoline at $8 a gallon. Iraq a teeming cesspool of brutality. A suicide bomber detonating his deadly load in a Brooklyn Starbucks. A dystopian vision of 2011 illuminates the pages of Shooting War: The Graphic Novel, released this week by Grand Central Publishing.

Written by Anthony Lappé and illustrated by Dan Goldman, the new 192-page book renders a vision that would be terrifying were it not a cartoon.

The storyline follows Jimmy Burns, a blogger with aspirations to become a war correspondent, who gets the opportunity after his footage of the Starbucks bombing gets picked up by Global News (“Your home for 24-hour terror coverage”).

But after arriving in Iraq, Burns has his eyes opened to the ignobility of war. The American presence has been reduced to a skeleton crew of the baddest of the bad fighters, and most of the media has pulled out, though Dan Rather seems to never want to go home.

The idea for the book arose from a serialized graphic cartoon published online at through 2006, which is still available on the web.

Check out a video preview here.


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