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Poll: Americans Report Progress in Iraq
Public Still Down on President, But Have More Positive Views on War's Progress
11/28/2007 09:39 AM ET
The war effort has a sliver of good news on the domestic public opinion front, with the latest Pew survey showing Americans allowing a little more optimism to infect their thinking, with nearly 50% reporting things are going well, or fairly well, in Iraq.

Despite the perception that things may be turning a corner for the better, Americans don't yet seem ready to forgive President Bush for the mistakes of his administration, and his approval rating remains a dismal 30%, with 59% disapproving.

Since February, Americans' have had increasingly positive perceptions about the effort to prevent a civil war, minimize civilian casualties, and defeat insurgents, though opinion has remained fairly constant regarding the attempts to train security forces, establish a working democracy, and get the Iraqis to work together.

While words expressing a negative impression, such as 'terrible,' 'bad,' 'mess,' and 'disaster,' still dominate respondents' descriptions of the conflict, 'improving' topped the list of what came to mind when asked to give a one-word impression of the war--one of only two positive words that made the 19-item list.

The full report is packed with information. Read it here. pewnov27.pdf


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