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Military Music Label Releases Rock, Country CDs
To the Fallen Follows Hip Hop CD With New Ones Performed by Active Duty and Vets
12/04/2007 1:06 PM ET

The only record label solely devoted to promoting the music of military artists added two more titles to its shelf today, releasing compilation albums of rock and country.

To the Fallen Records was founded last year by OIF veteran Capt. Sean Gilfillan and his friend Sydney DeMello to establish a musical outlet for active duty and veteran servicemembers. Named after the tattoo Gilfillan had put on his back to commemorate the friends of his killed in Iraq, the label plans to donate a portion of the proceeds to charities that assist wounded troops.

DeMello writes on their website about the particular draw of music coming from troops who have served in combat, saying, "When you hear about military life in the media, usually you hear from some general or other high-ranking official. And so there's a huge disconnect between the real guys and girls in the trenches of military service and civilians. Soldiers aren't always comfortable talking about their experiences, but when they make music, it opens a dialogue and gives us a whole different perspective into their daily lives, how they feel and think. It's not always all about bombs and destruction, there's an enormous array of emotions and feelings involved that you would never would get access to otherwise. As listeners, we become their peers."

Rock: Volume 1 and Country: Volume 1 joins the To the Fallen list with their first title Hip Hop: Volume 1.

To the Fallen has samples of a handful of songs on its homepage, and has posted a free .mp3 download of one of the songs on the Rock album, "Fight for Me" by Citizen Reign.

Citizen Reign recently put together a powerful video for "Fight for Me" using photo slide shows of Iraq interspersed through footage of them playing the song. Watch it here.


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