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"Feeding Frenzy" for The Pentagon
"Emergency Funding" Goes Worldwide For U.S. Military
01/04/2007 3:27 PM ET
The WSJ takes a journey through convoluted military budgeting in this piece by Jonathan Karp. Deputy Defense Secretary Gordon England requested wider application of the use of emergency funds beyond conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. This means all services can put in for new equipment and upgrades regardless of actual replacement need. Everything from futurist Lockheed Martin Joint Strike Fighters to missiles are on the menu according to the WSJ analysis of the new defense budget. President Bush will make public the almost $470 billion fiscal 2008 budget request. Loren Thompson of the Washington-area Lexington Institute has a warning. "The latest supplemental budget is wildly out of synch with the political system, which wants more discipline and oversight."

Karp quotes an army official involved in budget planning "It's a feeding frenzy...Using the supplemental budget, we're now buying the military we wish we had," he says, referring to former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld's 2004 quote about inadequate equipment for troops.


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