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Eye on Dora: Clean-up Crews and No-Go Areas
Slogger's Exclusive Photos Capture Situation in Notorious Baghdad District
01/23/2008 1:46 PM ET
Snapped earlier this week, these exclusive photos capture scenes from the Dora neighborhood in southern Baghdad. Until recently, Dora was known as a militant stronghold, a dangerous no-go area under the control of Sunni extremists.

The first set of photos below shows a major market in Dora. Local sources explain that this market just months ago was deserted, but note that the photos show commercial life returning to the area as security conditions improve.

Another set of photos, below, shows children participating in a cleanup campaign in Dora organized by the local authorities, as well as photos of members of locally organized forces, known as Sahwa, who, according to Dora sources have a contract with the US military to conduct cleanup and reconstruction activities in the area.

However, Slogger sources send photos of another area of Dora, a residential area known as Hay al-Iskan al-Sha'bi, which locals say is still too dangerous for regular activity to resume.

Finally, the photo below shows members of the Sahwa conducting a routine patrol in Dora.


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