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Access Denied: Air Force Blocks Access to Blogs
Wired's Shachtman Scoops: Air Force Users Lose Access to More Sites
02/29/2008 11:59 AM ET
From Wired's Danger Room blog.
From Wired's Danger Room blog.

Here is the first graph of Noah Shachtman's report:
The Air Force is tightening restrictions on which blogs its troops can read, cutting off access to just about any independent site with the word "blog" in its web address. It's the latest move in a larger struggle within the military over the value -- and hazards -- of the sites. At least one senior Air Force official calls the squeeze so "utterly stupid, it makes me want to scream."
Here's the full report.

Here is a follow-up report from Shachtman noting creative ways in which some Air Force members are still gaining access to supposed off-limits blogs and Web sites.


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