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Kirkuk Police Survive IED Attack
Locals Report Security Improvement in Area North of City
By AMER ABDULRAHEEM 03/06/2008 7:40 PM ET
Kirkuk city from space.
Google Earth image/
Kirkuk city from space.

An IED exploded Thursday morning targeting a police patrol in Kirkuk province, according to local sources. The device was sown on the side of the main road in the Laylan area, 15 miles north of Kirkuk city. The blast targeted a Kirkuk provincial police column, leading to the light injury of one policeman and the destruction of one of the police cars.

A police lieutenant who only wished to be identified by the initials M.A. said, "The device exploded as the patrol passed near on the main road in the Laylan area," adding that "this explosion was the third (IED attack) in the area this month."

The officer continued, saying "this explosion did not result in any losses of life, thank God, and in general the security situation in Kirkuk is in a better position than it was in the last year."

The three attacks in the last month notwithstanding, the Laylan area has seen a security improvement in the last few months, relative to the situation in the previous few years, according to conversations with the area's residents. Some shops and markets have opened their doors again and the pulse of commercial life seems to be returning to the city.

M.A. added, "These terrorist attacks only seek the destruction of Iraq and to wreak havoc in this country, and the goal of these attacks is to kill the honorable men who are defending Iraq."

Amer Abdulraheem is a correspondent for


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