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Bearing Witness: Reuters' Tribute to Iraq Staff
Bureau's Retrospective on Five Years of War Coverage
03/18/2008 2:48 PM ET
Screenshot from the online Reuters presentation Bearing Witness.
Screenshot from the online Reuters presentation "Bearing Witness."

As the five-year mark since the beginning of the US-led invasion of Iraq approaches, Reuters, which has covered the conflict from inside Iraq since the beginning of operations, has launched a multimedia tribute to its staff's work.

The multimedia online installation "Bearing Witness" features video, still photography, sound recordings generated during the bureau's five years of Iraq war coverage, as well as interviews with Reuters staff, a timeline, maps, and links.

In an interview featured in the "Bearing Witness" presentation, Baghdad bureau chief Dean Yates pays tribute to the seven Reuters staffers killed in Iraq since 2003

See the whole installation here.


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