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Michael Yon: AQI Terrorists Patronize Brothels
Yon Reports "They Love Drugs, Prostitutes, and the Power of the Gun"
04/02/2008 09:03 AM ET
Blogger/journalist Michael Yon offers a revealing report from Iraq today with what he says is photographic evidence that al Qaeda in Iraq terrorists frequented brothels in the one-time AQI stronghold of Tal Afar in northwest Iraq.

Here's an excerpt from Yon's report:

These types of terrorists used to lay up with prostitutes in downtown Tal Afar, which isn’t so uncommon – for years brothels have been an excellent source of information against al Qaeda from Mosul to Baghdad. The al Qaeda terrorists don’t save themselves for the seventy two virgins promised to suicide bombers. They love drugs, prostitutes, and the power of the gun.

The writing on his chest says “Mujahadeen Tal Afar.” American soldiers told me this image was captured in a raid. The ring and watch on his right hand and wrist indicate he is a “holy warrior,” although his beard might have been shaved as cover. Officers told me this guy was killed, but they had no ready confirmation. In any case, it would be interesting to see the faces of al Qaeda financiers in places like Saudi Arabia, if they saw how their money is being spent. And that’s the truth about al Qaeda.

Here is Yon's full report.
Yon is headed home to the States to promote the release of his new book, "Moment of Truth in Iraq," about which you can learn more and buy here.


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