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Where Does Obama Stand on Iraq?
Dem. Frontrunner Calls for "Immediate Redeployment," "Diplomatic Surge"
06/03/2008 5:30 PM ET

With reports circulating in the media that Barack Obama may be near to clinching the Democratic Party nomination in the 2008 presidential race, closer attention will inevitably fall on the Illinois senator's stated positions on the war in Iraq.

A six-page document, produced by the Obama campaign sketches the senator's Iraq stances, beginning with a series of quotations from the candidate indicting the current administration's Iraq strategies as "unsustainable."

The campaign paper, entitled "Barack Obama: Turning the Page in Iraq," then turns to what the senator says will be his strategies in Iraq should he become president in 2009, including "a substantial, immediate redeployment" of American forces, diplomatic efforts to bring political reconciliation in Iraq and the Gulf region, and attention to Iraq's "humanitarian crisis," which ends with a call to "fulfill America's obligation to accept (Iraqi) refugees."

The paper also attempts to demonstrate Obama's opposition to the war from before the 2003 US-led invasion with a series of quotes attributed to the senator dating back to 2002.

Read the full six-page "fact sheet" on Obama's Iraq positions here: IraqFactSheet.pdf


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