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US Papers Sat: American Papers Forget About War
Almost no coverage today; Theatre, television reviews and editorials on offer
By CHRIS ALLBRITTON 06/07/2008 01:40 AM ET
The war's over, everybody go home! At least that's the impression one would get from today's coverage. Why? There isn't any. No, really. Iraq is mentioned tangentially, at best, in a couple of stories from the Washington Post -- one them a theatre review -- while The New York Times limits its coverage to a critique of an ad campaign and a television review.

The Post kicks things off with an editorial saying Sen. Barack Obama's Middle East policy -- with the exception of Iraq -- is no different from the Bush administration. The editorial board finds this, oddly, comforting. Where it comes to Iraq, they think he's banking too much on his early opposition to the war and that conditions on the ground have changed. So he needs to go to Iraq so he can get himself an education on the fighting.

Speaking of politics, Julie Bosman of the Times critiques Sen. John McCain's new ad, the first major push of the general election. It shows images of McCain's male relatives at war as well as his time as a P.O.W. in Vietnam and attempts to soften his image as a warmonger, thanks to his support for the Iraq war. OK. So it's not so much a critique as a description of the ad.

Gina Bellafante of the Times reviews the second season of "Army Wives," a Lifetime series about, well, Army wives. As Bellafante remarks, it sounds like "Desperate Housewives" with humvees, but it's the highest-rated show in Lifetime's history. And from the review, it sounds like it handles the domestic side of war well.

Finally, Nelson Pressley of the Post reviews "In the Heart of America," a revival of an anti-Gulf War play written back in the mid-1990s by Naomi Wallace. The new production doesn't really update the content, but the context within which the play exists -- yet another Iraq war -- gives it added bite.


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