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Sadrist Official Arrested in Southern City
Iraqi Forces Raid Home of Prominent Shaykh in Kut, Pro-Sadr Website Says
06/12/2008 6:06 PM ET
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A high-level official in the offices of the Sadrist Current in the city of Kut has been arrested by Iraqi security forces, according to a report in Arabic on a website affiliated with the Shi'a religious movement.

A source in the Office of the Martyr Sadr, the official Sadrist organization, told al-Kufa News that Shaykh Husayn Abd al-'Atabi, a prominent member of the Kut Sadrist office was seized from his house on Thursday.

Iraqi forces did not provide a reason for the raid and detention, the source told the Sadrist agency.

"A force for the Iraqi police arrested Shaykh Husayn Abd al-'Atabi, an official in the Hawza Tribal Administration in the Office of the Martyr Sadr in the city of Kut."

"Shaykh al-'Atabi was present inside his house in the al-Zahra area at the time of the arrest, and was taken to an unknown location."

"The police forces that conducted the arrest operation did not disclose the reason for al-'Atabi's arrest."

The al-Zahra district is located in the northeast of Kut city, the capital of Wasit Province.


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