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Cyber Hacker "sNiper hEx" Attacks
Shia Web Sites Hit as Sadr Recruits for "Major Battle"
By ZEYAD KASIM 01/08/2007 09:05 AM ET

A Saudi hacker who goes by the name “sNiper hEx” has declared cyber war against Shi’ite Web sites, prompted by the execution of Saddam Hussein, according to - a website that tracks electronic attacks on the Internet. Posters on several Iraqi message boards are distributing screenshots of hacked Shi’ite websites, such as the Al Al-Rasoul, Al-Sarh Al-Husseini and Top Shi’a, among others. sNiper hEx was notorious for his denial of service attacks against Israeli websites during the late 90s, but now he has turned his attention to the Shia, who he describes as “Shia dogs, Safavid Persians, the sons of Mut’a (temporary marriage) and fire worshippers.” Upon successfully breaching a website, he posts an image of Saddam and the following tribute:
“Do not be distressed for the treachery of time,
Dogs have often danced around the bodies of lions,
Do not think they have risen above him,
Dogs are dogs and lions are lions.”

Al-Basrah Net posts more claims of people sighting Saddam’s face in the moon, but this time they produce an impressively photoshopped image of the moon, supposedly taken from Mosul, with a smiling Saddam in a beret.

Islam Memo reported that the Arab Ba’ath Socialist Party branch in Palestine has formed a military wing in the Gaza strip named the Martyr Saddam Brigades, according to an official in the Arab Liberation Front.

The Sunni Endowments Board denied yesterday appointing a representative to attend Saddam Hussein’s execution. “The Board had no prior knowledge of the execution, and it was not asked to appoint a delegate to attend,” said the statement. “Even if there was such a request, the Board would not have appointed a Sunni cleric to attend because they are above taking part in such a farce.” The Board also asked authorities to identify the Sunni cleric who was mentioned in media reports if there was one.

Iraqi police confirmed that 15 bodies, which were found in Karkh, west of Baghdad, were hanged on lampposts in the Fahhama area near the Sheikh Ma’rouf Cemetery. There were several eyewitness reports that 27 Shi’ite civilians were ambushed and killed by Sunni insurgents in this violent area of Baghdad, which often witnesses armed clashes and mortar bombings between Sunni and Shi’ite gunmen from the nearby Sunni neighborhoods of Sheikh Ali, Mahhalat Al-Dhahab, Alawi Al-Hilla, Douriyeen and the Shi’ite neighborhoods of Rahmaniya, Ji’aifar and Shalchiya. Several Sunni websites had reported that the gunmen were residents of the area acting in self-defense against Shi’ite militias. The Haqq Agency said that Sunni residents complained that Iraqi Army patrols in the district are taunting them through their loudspeakers with obscenities, to the effect that “the Mahdi Army will come and do so and so to your sisters and mothers.”

Several people posting on the Iraqi Rabita website have published the names of alleged Shi’ite ‘Allasa (snitches in Iraqi slang) in a mixed neighborhood of the Ghazaliya district, near the Mushajjar Street. Two of the alleged informers are storeowners and a third is a food rations provider. Others claimed that Mahdi Army militiamen are slowly taking over blocks in the neighborhood and are waging a campaign to cleanse it from Sunni families. These kinds of messages and details are very widespread on Iraqi forums, both Sunni and Shia, and some commentators often publish car registration numbers and other details to narrow down “suspects.”

The Association of Muslim Scholars released a press statement condemning the attacks by what it described as “terrorist militias belonging to a well-known, sectarian movement” against the Janabat neighborhood, a Sunni enclave in the Shia majority Amil district, south of Baghdad, and the detention of ten people in Haifa Street, central Baghdad, following clashes between insurgents and Iraqi and American troops, which the Association claimed was an act of self-defense by residents against attacking Shi’ite militias. The statement also referred sarcastically to the reaction of governmental officials to the Association’s last statement, in which it warned from an imminent assault by militias against several Sunni districts in Baghdad. “They illogically accused the Association of inciting discord in the country,” said the statement, “but they have not responded to the parties behind these militias, and they have not accused them of inciting discord, despite their numerous atrocities against the Iraqi people and their blatant attempts to incite discord.”

The Sunni fundamentalist Islam Memo website posts a photo of copies of the Quran covered with feces, claiming that they were desecrated by Shi’ite militias that attacked the Al-Ashra Al-Mubashareen Mosque several days ago. According to eyewitnesses, the website says, the militias stormed into the mosque, killed its guards, and after it plundered its furniture, kicked copies of the Quran to toilets and covered them with fecal matter.

Several Iraqi websites have claimed that Muqtada Al-Sadr gave orders to Mahdi Army operatives in Sadr City to recruit males between the ages of 18 and 45 from all families in the district. These claims coincide with expectations of a “major battle” by militias for the control or “liberation” of Baghdad, as it was described by these websites. Eyewitness accounts from Baghdad have confirmed these rumors.


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