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Maysan Cops Meet with Amara Leaders
Amara's Christian Church Slated for Renovation; "Sadrists" Arrested
08/04/2008 6:27 PM ET
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Police officers are staging meetings and conferences with local leaders in the southern Iraqi city of Amara, the capital of Maysan Province, to explain the details of a new security plan in effect for the city.

Security sources also told IraqSlogger that police are sharing methods for communicating tips and information to the security forces, as well as establishing means of providing updated security information to prominent locals.

On Wednesday, Iraqi police in the southern city of Amara arrested five wanted men, security sources told IraqSlogger. Locals explain that the men are said to be related to the opposition Sadrist Current, under the leadership of Muqtada al-Sadr, the young Shi'a cleric, which enjoys strong support in the city. The men are now under interrogation, security sources said, without elaborating.

Finally, Jalal Danial, the representative of Amara’s Chaldean church told IraqSlogger that Iraqi government reconstruction work on the main church in the city will enter a second phase in the approximately two months. The Umm al-Ahzan (Mother of Sorrows) church is located in the city’s central Mahmoudiya district, serving the more than 20 Christian families that live in the predominantly Shi'a Muslim city.


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