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Eyewitnesses: US Soldier Died in Baladiyat
Local Accounts May Add Detail to MNF Casualty Announcements
09/02/2008 3:11 PM ET
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Eyewitness accounts of a dual IED blasts targeting American forces in eastern Baghdad may provide additional detail on an attack last week that killed at least one U.S. soldier.

On Thursday, August 28, a roadside blast destroyed an American armored vehicle near an Iraqi military checkpoint in the Baladiyat district of eastern Baghdad, eyewitnesses told IraqSlogger.

A second blast appeared timed to strike the responding forces, exploding ten minutes later on a American troops and armored vehicles that were attempting to tow away the destroyed armored vehicle, according to the witnesses.

Eyewitnesses tell Slogger that at least four American soldiers appeared to have been either killed or seriously wounded in the two blasts.

Sources in Baladiyat said that after the blasts, American forces arrested the Iraqi soldiers on duty and the commanding officer at the Iraqi checkpoint.

The MNF released a statement on Thursday announcing the death of a Coalition soldier in an IED attack “in eastern Baghdad,” but has not released further details about the attack. A second MNF statement, which may or may not refer to related events, was released on Friday naming Spc. Michael L. Gonzalez, 20, of Spotswood New Jersey, as having died “in Baghdad” on August 28 of “wounds suffered by an improvised explosive device.”

With the information available, it cannot be confirmed whether the two MNF statements are referring to the same events in Baladiyat described by eyewitnesses to IraqSlogger.


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