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US Detains Second Iraqi Cameraman this Week
Omar Hashem of Baghdad TV Channel Arrested in Adhamiya Raid
09/04/2008 1:47 PM ET
US Forces raided the home of an Iraqi news cameraman in Baghdad on Thursday, detaining the media worker and his family members in the second US arrest of Iraqi journalists this week.

Reuters reports that Omar Hashem, a cameraman for the Baghdad television channel, and his father and two brothers, were taken into custody by US forces during a raid on their home in Baghdad's Adhamiya district, on the eastern banks of the Tigris River, early Thursday morning.

The agency adds that US forces announced the detention of a journalist without confirming the name of the detainee, referring to him as a "security threat," taken into custody during operations reportedly targeting cells related to al-Qa'ida in Iraq that had been involved in car bombing operations. 15 people were arrested in those operations, the military said, according to Reuters.

"Early in the morning I heard voices telling me to leave the house, to get out. We were trying to put clothes on when they broke down the door," the cameraman's mother told Reuters.

The arrest comes just days after US forces held Ibrahim Jassam, an Iraqi cameraman working freelance for the Reuters agency, in a raid on his home in Babil province, south of Baghdad. Iraqi and international media advocacy organizations have called for Jassem's release, and Reuters says it is seeking more information from the US military about Jassem's case.

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