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New Info in Brookings "Iraq Index"
Brand new data on Sons of Iraq, Iraqi detainees in US custody, and more
09/08/2008 00:55 AM ET
There have been four new graphs and one update for the already thorough Iraq index, which tracks reconstruction and security in post-Saddam Iraq, put out by the Saban Center for Middle East Policy at Brookings.

The new topics are...
-Current disposition of U.S./Coalition forces in Iraq, by multi-national division
-Status of the Sons of Iraq by location (with monthly pay)
-Percentage of current Iraqi detainees in U.S. custody held since a given year, 2005-2008
-Percentage of U.S. active-duty personnel who have served in Iraq or Afghanistan, 2006 & 2008

One that has been updated is...
-Capital budget execution by province

Brookings describes the ongoing index as follows.
The Iraq Index is a statistical compilation of economic, public opinion, and security data. This resource will provide updated information on various criteria, including crime, telephone and water service, troop fatalities, unemployment, Iraqi security forces, oil production, and coalition troop strength. The index is designed to quantify the rebuilding efforts and offer an objective set of criteria for benchmarking performance. It is the first in-depth, non-partisan assessment of American efforts in Iraq, and is based primarily on U.S. government information. Although measurements of progress in any nation-building effort can never be reduced to purely quantitative data, a comprehensive compilation of such information can provide a clearer picture and contribute to a healthier and better informed debate.
Download the entire 67 page document Brookings_Iraq_Index.pdf

Access the index site here.


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