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Morbid Iraqi Jokes
As the Carnage Worsens, Iraqi Humor Grimmer than Ever
12/08/2006 04:36 AM ET
The latest jokes making the rounds among Iraqis in Baghdad:

-- Talabani's (the Iraqi president's) wife calls her husband in the middle of a cabinet meeting and says, "Come home! Thieves are breaking into the house." Talabani replies that she must be mistaken, "All the thieves are right here in front of me."

-- An Iraqi guy has a new girlfriend and wants to know whether she is Sunni or Shia. But he is too shy to ask directly. Finally he asked her, "where does your family bury your corpses?"

-- A Chinese guy and an Iraqi guy are challenging each other. The Chinese guy says, "we have the longest wall in history." The Iraqi responds "and we have the longest gas queue in the history."

-- A Duleimi (Sunni tribe that supports the resistance) opened a new car fair with an advertisement: "We have car bombs."

-- Near the PUK (Patriotic Union of Kurdistan) headquarters there is a sign that says "no parking for car bombs please."


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