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Leak: Mystery Round Penetrates US Tank
Classified report tells of "something" causing curious damage and minor injuries
10/20/2008 2:15 PM ET

A classified U.S. military incident report, leaked to Wikileaks, describes the incident only as “While on patrol, the tank was hit by ‘something’”.

The damage to the M-1 was sustained in an “urban street market” in Baghdad, and is documented in photos and written narrative, which includes the following.
The unit is very anxious to have this “something” identified. It seems clear that a penetrator of a yellow molten metal is what caused the damage, but what weapon fires such a round, and precisely what sort of round is it? The bad guys are using something unknown, and the guys facing it want very much to know what it is, and how they can defend themselves against it. Can someone tell us? If not, can we get an expert on foreign munitions over here to examine this vehicle before repairs are done? Please respond quickly.
Your guess is as good as ours.

Download the entire 10 page leaked report. m1_penetration_iraq_2008.pdf


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