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Price Check: Baghdad Neighborhoods
An Eye on Key Fuels and Commodities in the Streets of the Capital
10/24/2008 6:50 PM ET
Auto fuel Kerosene Diesel Fuel Cooking Gas
ID/liter ID/liter ID/liter ID/canister
Baghdad al-Jadida 800 900 800 13000
Sadr City 650 800 700 10000
Harthiya 800 800 800 14000
'Amil 800 900 750 12000
Sha'b 700 800 700 14000
Ghazaliya 800 800 800 13000
Mansour 800 1000 800 15000
Kadhimiya 700 900 800 13000
Karrada 700 1000 800 15000

The two tables above and below show IraqSlogger's latest exclusive data, back by popular demand, for prices of key fuels and household staples in nine different areas of the Iraqi capital.

Prices for consumer fuels, in the table above, are those charged by unofficial black-market fuel sellers who distribute fuel outside the official state-run network of fueling stations, which suffers from chronic shortages and long queuing.

The fuels in question are auto fuel, kerosene, used especially in home heating, diesel fuel, and cooking gas, which is a form of blended butane sold in refillable canisters and used in food preparation.

Street prices for staple fuels are often far higher than the official state-set rates. Auto fuel, for example, retails in official stations for 400 Iraqi dinars/liter, but is selling for well above that across the capital.

All data presented are for the week ending October 13.

The table below shows the latest prices gathered by IraqSlogger's sources for key household commodities in the nine different districts, including two kinds of staple breads, khubuz and samoun, and a carton of Marlboro cigarettes.

Khubuz Samoun Marlboros
ID/piece ID/piece ID/carton
Baghdad al-Jadida 175 125 16000
Sadr City 100 100 16000
Harthiya 175 125 20000
'Amil 175 100 18000
Sha'b 150 100 18000
Ghazaliya 175 100 18000
Mansour 175 125 18000
Kadhimiya 175 125 18000
Karrada 175 125 20000

Stay tuned for more exclusive price check data from Iraq.


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