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Pakistani Govt Blocks IraqSlogger for Blasphemy
"Google Pakistan" isn't our server of choice anymore
By DANIEL W. SMITH 11/05/2008 1:28 PM ET
Today, I was having trouble accessing Iraqslogger in my Baghdad apartment building. At first I just thought that the connection was being finicky.
When I actually looked at the screen, though, here’s what I saw.
Don't try to access the blasphemy in Iraqslogger on Google Pakistan
Don't try to access the blasphemy in Iraqslogger on Google Pakistan

In an unexpected turn, the PTA (Pakistan Telecommunications Authority) has inexplicably blocked Iraqslogger, along with other “blasphemous web content/movies.” No further information was available.

Though I’m in Iraq, “Google Pakistan” is the server for my building (and is fairly popular in this part of the world, “Google Iraq” not quite being online yet). It is all a little curious, as our contacts in Pakistan itself are able to access the site.

There has been a controversy about the Pakistani government blocking access to the internet to its citizens for several months now. It started with an attempt to control Pakistani bloggers, then an attempt to control the infamous Danish cartoons of the prophet Mohammed, then YouTube, then others. The bans on some blogs and YouTube have since been lifted, after much publicity. Now it's our turn.

There are rumors that this practice is being intensified in connection with the American elections, but that is unconfirmed.


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