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Three Bombings by 10:30 AM
One close to al-Mustansariya Square: twin-bombing just east of the Tigris
11/11/2008 02:43 AM ET
Google Earth image/Iraqslogger

BAGHDAD - Approximately 10 minutes ago, at 10:35 AM, there was an explosion on Jamhouriya Street, on the al-Rusafa (East) side of central Baghdad, not far from Tahrir Square. Iraqslogger spoke to people leaving the scene, as an ambulance was seen taking wounded from the area. The only information available was that the blast was, in the opinion of the man interviewed, likely an IED. The blast damaged cars outside of al-Rasheed Bank. No information was available yet from police sources.

Earlier this morning, at al-Mustansariya Square, there was a synchronized twin-bombing. Aswat al-Iraq is reporting that three were killed and 17 wounded, but few of the wire services, who are just starting to pick up the story, have the numbers slightly lower.

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