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AMSI: Iraqi Soldier Who Killed 2 GIs "Heroic"
Association of Muslim Scholars in Iraq issues statement
11/16/2008 11:22 PM ET
The statement's accompanying photo, not claimed to be of the actual incident
The statement's accompanying photo, not claimed to be of the actual incident

On November 12th in Mosul, an Iraqi soldier opened fire on U.S. troops in Mosul, killing two and wounding six more, while they waited outside a meeting between a U.S. lieutenant and an Iraqi Captain. The shooter, identified as Barzan Muhammed, from the 6th Brigade of the Iraqi Army's 2nd Division, was killed by returning fire.

There were initial reports of an altercation between the Iraqi soldier and his American counterparts before the attack, but they were denied by U.S. military officials. Some Iraqi army sources say that the Iraqi soldier was acting out of anger, in response to the searching of an Iraqi female by U.S. soldiers that he found disrespectful.

There has not been much additional information available in the past few days, but the Association of Muslim Scholars in Iraq (AMSI), released a statement on their web site, entitled “Honorable Iraqi Soldier Kills Occupiers”, lauding the soldier's actions. Here is the text in full.

The heroic incident took place in al Karamah region where US occupation forces tried to impinge an Iraqi girl in front of public that infuriated an honorable Iraqi soldier at the area.

Iraqi soldier called Barzan Muhammad Abdullah from Talkeef region of Mosul was at the pickup government patrol vehicle when the occupation forces were trying to impinge an Iraqi girl. When the Iraqi soldier witnessed the event, then he took his weapon and fired all the ammunition to the occupiers where four of them died and three others wounded. Iraqi soldier also died at the attack.

On the other hand, this is not the last of its kind showing the religious and national attitude of honorable Iraqis toward the occupiers. Omar al Jabbouri another honorable Iraqi soldier did the same at Fallujah against the occupation forces where four killed and two others injured.


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