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Iraqi Forces Apprehend Armed Gang near Hawija
Four Arrested as Routine Search Finds Weapons, Grenades, "Large Sum" of Cash
By AMER ABDULRAHEEM 11/24/2008 12:42 PM ET
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Iraqi police captured an armed gang at a checkpoint in the predominantly Arab Hawija area of Kirkuk province over the weekend, security sources said.

A source in the local police, speaking anonymously, said that the gang had been traveling in a civilian Mercedes-make vehicle on the main road connecting Hawija to Kirkuk city to the east.

The vehicle was stopped Saturday morning at a checkpoint installed on the Hawija-Kirkuk road, where Iraqi police searched the car.

Iraqi police found several light weapons and two hand grenades in the vehicle, as well as an unspecified sum of money, described by the source as "large."

All four individuals traveling the car were arrested on the spot for interrogation and to be remanded to the Iraqi criminal system, the source said.

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