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Black Market Bullet Prices Skyrocket
As Sectariation Violence Worsens, Baghdad Bullet Prices Soar
By EASON JORDAN 12/11/2006 03:00 AM ET
Amid the surge in sectarian violence in Iraq, the black market price for AK-47 bullets has tripled in recent weeks in the Shia Baghdad neighborhood of Shaab, while doubling in Sadr City and southern Baghdad neighborhoods. A single bullet that a month ago cost 250 dinars (17.5 U.S. cents) now costs 750 dinars (52.4 U.S. cents) in Shaab and 500 dinars (35 U.S. cents) in most other Shia Baghdad neighborhoods. The source of most of the black market bullets: Shia Iraqi police officers sympathetic with sectarian fighters or looking to make extra dinars or both. Tomorrow, we'll report on the surging black market prices for weaponry.

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