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Iraq TV: Sunday Night News
Shoe-Throwing at a Presidential Target in Baghdad
Last night, after the nightly news programs aired, there was an incident at a late-night press-conference that the reader should, by now, be familiar with. At a joint press conference given by President Bush and Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, al-Baghdadiya channel journalist Montazar al-Zaidi threw his shoes at President Bush, while yelling “Here is your goodbye kiss from Iraqis.” As Mr. Bush ducked, al-Zaidi threw another, and yelled out “Dog!” He was then tackled, and taken out of the room by security guards. As one might expect, it is now not difficult to find the clip on Iraqi television.

Al-Baghdadiya is getting every bit of attention they can out of the incident. Al-Zaidi’s release is being constantly called for, and reports of his mistreatment are common. They are repeating statements which equate his release with democracy, and say that hundreds of call of support are pouring in. Al-Rafadin is also a strong supporter. Al-Hurra is showing the clip, but is treating it as a regular news story, as is Sharqiya, which gave play to Bush’s witticism afterward, about the size of the shoe. Iraqiya, the government channel, is playing it down, and is not giving al-Baghdadiya too much time in the limelight. They are the only channel prominently noting that an Iraqi journalist stood up afterwards, and apologized to Bush, in the name of Iraqi journalists.

The regular evening news, before the incident, was as follows.


President Bush arrives in Baghad.

Salah Al-Din province is preparing to take over its own security. Police chief of Salah al-Din, General Abdel, al-Hamid Jawad, said, "We have enough power to take over security in the province, and Iraqi forces are ready.


The Ministry of Oil decides to return to work with the Southern Korea's company S.K. Energy.

Gunmen assassinated Brigadier General in the Ministry of Interior Hussein Darwish Alwan, at the Shalal market, in Baghdad’s al-Shaab neighborhood.

Member of the Sadrist bloc Nasir al-Esawi: "Odierno's statement circumvents the items of the security agreement, and we expect other violations to follow.

The number of candidates for provincial councils election is 10,605 males and 3920 female candidates, all competing for 440 candidates seats.

Gen. Odierno: "Non-combat U.S. troops will remain in the city for the purpose of training and support, after 2009.

Massoud Barzani, the president of the Iraqi Kurdistan region, arrives Baghdad for talks with President Jalal Talabani.

College of medicine official Dean Muzahim al-Khayyat, was injured in an assassination attempt in Mosul.

Raed Fahmi, MP: "The Committee of implementation of Article 140, requires large amounts of money to compensate the deportees from and returnees to Kirkuk.

Bush will meet his Iraqi counterpart, in the fourth and final visit, since the fall of Saddam.


Bush arrives to Baghdad in a surprise visit.

MP of the Kurdistan Alliance bloc, Mahmoud Othman: "Bush's arrival in Iraq is for the final signing of the security agreement.

Odierno comment, as above.

MP Mohammad Dani: "Ali al-Dabbagh's remarks about the occupying forces staying for ten more years is not the gevernment’s view, and is only Dr. al-Dabbagh’s personal opinion.

Next Monday Iraq will receive the first batch of detainees from U.S.-run prisons.

Qanat Baghdad

Press secretary of President Jalal al-Talabani: "The president denies any kind of agreement on the demands of the Turkomen to make Kirkuk an independent territory.

Turkish President Abdullah Gül sent a telegram to President Talabani confirming Turkey's commitment to stand beside Iraq against terrorism.

The High Election Commission asks the citizens and the blocs to report any breaches in the election.

A high-ranking police officer was assassinated by a gun with a silencer in Baghdad.

Security forces arrested a leader in the “so-called Islamic State in Iraq”.

Vice President Tareq al-Hashemi, "The situation is better than before, and I call on everyone who has left Iraq to review, and to return to Iraq.

A mass grave was found, containing the remains of 250 people in Hor al-Salil, south of Basra.


The Presidency Council issued the Law of the High Commission for Human Rights.

Sayed Abdul-Aziz Al-Hakim meets President Bush.

Social Welfare Department of the Prime Minister's Office, announced the allocation of a fixed salary and not a lump grant for widows and divorcees who do not have a monthly salary. (This story seemed like very blatant campaigning, instead of a news story)


Odierno comment, as above.

Source: "Bush and al-Maliki will sign the agreement in the few coming hours."

Sayed Ammar Al-Hakim (son of Abdul-Aziz Hakim): "The next four years will determine the fate of Iraq."


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