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Ba'qouba Sees Curfews, Arrests
Compensation Tops $40 Mil, but Is It Enough for War-Ravaged Province?
By SLOGGER NETWORK 01/21/2009 3:26 PM ET
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Residents of the city of Ba'qouba tell IraqSlogger that security forces imposed curfews in three sectors of the Diyala Province city over the weekend to conduct arrest raids.

Iraqi forces conducted raids in the al-Mafraq, al-Katoun, and al-Mu'alimin areas, all located east of the Diyala River in Ba'qouba.

A Diyala police source told Slogger that Iraqi forces made 18 arrests in the operations, including one man in al-Mu'alimin area wanted on suspicions of murdering a displaced person. Compensation funds

Residents of the province also report that Diyala authorities have released 32 billion Iraqi dinars (about $28 million in US currency) to compensate building owners for property damage due to violence in Diyala Province, out of an appropriated 50 billion Iraqi dinars (about $43 million).

However, some Ba'qouba residents expressed skepticism that the amount will be sufficient for rebuilding efforts, given the extent of damage that has struck nearly all areas of the province in since 2003.

Members of IraqSlogger's network of Iraqi staff contributed to this report but choose to remain anonymous for security reasons.


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