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Cops Arrest Man on Alleged Link to Kasra Blast
Mahdi Army Militiamen Detained in Risala; Sadr City: Body Dumped in Trash Bag
By SLOGGER NETWORK 02/03/2009 5:21 PM ET
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Iraqi police arrested a man wanted for suspected links to a deadly bombing in eastern Baghdad last fall in raiding operations in southwest Baghdad last week. Sources in the 8th Police Division told IraqSlogger that Iraqi police raided a shop in the al-Tijari commercial neighborhood of Bayya’ district on Thursday.

Three wanted men were arrested in the operation, one of whom was suspected of links to the deadly bombing attack in the Kasra area in November. That blast left at least 31 dead and injured over 70.

Police in Bayya' also found a cache of weapons and bombs that security sources said were intended be used to disrupt the conduct of the provincial elections in Baghdad on Saturday.

Militiamen arrested

On Thursday, Iraqi forces arrested three known members of the Mahdi Army militia in the Risala sector, also in southwest Baghdad on Wednesday, after obtaining information on their whereabouts from another detainee who had been arrested and interrogated days before.

Body found in plastic bag

Residents of Sadr City report that the body of an unknown person was found dumped in the sprawling predominantly Shi'a slum last week. The corpse had been first been wrapped in a large plastic bag, eyewitnesses said. Iraqi Police and Army forces surrounded the site of the dumped body and were seen inspecting.

Members of IraqSlogger's network of Iraqi staff contributed to this report but choose to remain anonymous for security reasons.


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