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Source: Mosul IEDs, Snipers Kill Police, GIs
Witnesses Tell of Continued Violence In Mosul
02/20/2009 07:18 AM ET
Google Earth image/Iraqslogger

BAGHDAD - According to a witness who spoke to Iraqslogger, an IED went off near Mosul’s al-Majmou'a Bridge while an American patrol was passing, disabling a humvee. The witness reported that traffic was closed down for several hours, and that he saw another US military vehicle towing the humvee away. No American casualties were witnessed.

Also, a witness familiar with the Iraqslogger network said that, on Wednesday, he saw what appeared to be a US soldier being killed by a sniper. The event, which occurred in al-Zahra’a neighborhood (previously known as Saddam’s neighborhood) could not be independently verified.

On Thursday, a car bomb exploded next to an Iraqi Police patrol in the Wadi Hajar neighborhood, killing one police officer, and injuring two police and three civilians. The police reported finding the remains of a body which is thought to be of a suicide bomber who drove the car.

Also on Wednesday, Mosul Radio reported an Iraqi policeman being killed by an IED while on patrol.

Members of Iraqslogger’s network of Iraqi staff contributed to this report, but choose to remain anonymous, for security reasons.

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