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Iraqi Sunni Website Analyzes Bush Plan
Explains Why Plan Will Have No Better Luck Than Predecessors
By NIR ROSEN 01/12/2007 6:11 PM ET
The Sunni pro-Baathist website IraqiRabita published its reaction to President Bush’s new plan to slightly increase the American military presence in Iraq. The website summarized the plan as follows: “Raid all Sunni homes in Baghdad, Punish the Sadr Current, Ignore the Kurds, Blame (Prime Minister) Maliki for any failure before the end of the year.” The website quipped that the long awaited plan would “solve Iraq’s problems in the blink of an eye.” It explained that the plan’s first step was the execution of former President Saddam Hussein on President Bush’s orders. It said that the Iraqi government did not hesitate in executing Bush’s decision in the ugliest possible manner, on the first day of the Muslim Eid, violating all humanitarian laws and even tribal traditions. The website offered a lengthy and accurate summary of Bush’s distinct proposals and then explained that Bush’s new plan would not have any better luck than its predecessors because:

“1) The illegal occupation of any country in the world will only lead to resistance to this occupation, regardless of those forces who try to legitimize their presence through their followers, or the ones who lick their feet, or by promises of wealth and prosperity for the people of the occupied homeland.

2) The new plan ignored the fact that the deterioration of the security situation in Baghdad began after the Badr and the Mahdi Army militias initiated their assassination campaigns, with the support of governmental parties brought in by the American democracy. And unless the security services are restructured from zero without the domination of sectarianism, the death squads will work through Bush’s plan to achieve their objectives.

3) The Bush plan did not ask the Maliki government to disarm the militias and treat these militias as outlaw organizations. If the American administration is sincere in its quest to achieve security in Baghdad then the disarming should be on the top of the instructions in the new plan.

4) As long as the Iraqi government is working under the illegal occupation the Iraqi citizen will not trust that government or any of the parties, no matter what they do, and the sincere national elements, uncorrupted by the so-called political process will remain (outside of the process), and the rockets of the Iraqi resistance will continue targeting the bases of the Occupation, and their IEDs will continue to destroy the Americans’ vehicles and killing them until the last American soldier leaves the land of Iraq whether Bush’s plan succeeds in achieving security in Baghdad or does not succeed!

5) The new plan depends on the participation of the Iraqi forces in the implementation of the security plan, and those who develop the security plans in Maliki government are either Iranians or loyal to Iran, and they will be keen to ensure the destruction of most of the Sunni areas justifying that as a war on terrorism and Al Qaeda, as they have since they were in the power, and the protection of death squad leaders as they do always by smuggling them out whenever the Americans raid their strongholds.

6) The fate and reputation of Bush depends on the next coming months, and it is his last chance to demonstrate the ability of the American administration to control the situation in Iraq and the withdrawal will be without gain or loss. Therefore he may severely attack the Mahdi Army if it is proven that this army is the main obstacle in the success of the new plan. Would it be wise to calm American fears of the danger from Sunnis and direct them to eliminate the death squads? The question is for all.”

The website then requested responses from its readers to the new Bush plan.


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