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Shells Hit Mosul Hospital, Used as Police Base
At Least 78 Detained in Arrest Campaign; Al-Hadba' Backers Rally and March
02/26/2009 6:18 PM ET
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Three mortar shells fell on a hospital used by police as an operational base in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul on Wednesday, injuring at least one person inside, according to a report online on an Iraqi media site.

The shells reportedly fell on the al-Salam Hospital in Mosul’s southeastern al-Wahda district.

One civilian who was inside the hospital was injured by the falling shells, a security source told Eye Iraq news agency, which notes that local police have taken the hospital as an operational headquarters as part of an ongoing US-Iraqi security crackdown in the city.


Iraqi forces have mounted a widespread arrest campaign in the northern city, residents say, spanning areas from al-Arabi in the north, to al-Shurta closer to the city center, and al-Islah al-Zira'i in the southwest of the city. At least 78 people were arrested in the operations, which launched last Friday, security sources told IraqSlogger, saying that the campaign targeted individuals wanted for launching attacks on US forces. Locals say that some families protest the innocence of their detained relatives.

March and rally

As local political factions continue to jockey for position in the aftermath of the January 31 provincial elections in Ninewa, locals report that supporters of the predominantly Arab al-Hadba’ electoral bloc rallied and marched through Mosul neighborhoods last Thursday, starting in the al-Jami'a district in the city center.


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