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Detainee Releases Spark Fears in Baghdad
Concerns for Security as Skilled Militants Said to Return Home
03/10/2009 5:54 PM ET
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Rumors are spreading in the Iraqi capital linking the return of recently released detainees to deterioration in the security risks in some areas of Baghdad.

The rumors, as reported by Slogger sources in the capital, tie an apparent increase in suicide bombings and IED attacks in Baghdad over the last month to the reported return of some individuals with skills in explosives and other violent techniques.

One rumor circulating in the Sha'b area says that a recently released detainee there has been responsible for manufacturing IEDs in the area and for attacks against American troops in the district, possibly with ties to external countries’ intelligence agencies.

Meanwhile, another rumor circulating in the A'dhamiya district says that Sahwa members that operate in the area had objected to the release of some known elements for fear that the “dangerous” men may return to the former militant stronghold to carry out armed actions.

A more general rumor, reported widespread in the capital, also maintains that many recently captured individuals in the capital were only a short while earlier released from Iraqi and American detention facilities.

IraqSlogger cannot confirm these rumors at this time.


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