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Kirkuk Gov't Jobs to Be Redistributed
Commission to Split Top Posts; Hawija Raids Target Newly Released Prisoners
By SLOGGER NETWORK 03/11/2009 5:57 PM ET
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An ethnically-based redistribution of high-level civil service jobs is coming in Kirkuk province, government employees told IraqSlogger.

The “fact-finding commission” composed of members of Iraq’s Parliament and local officials will begin redistributing top provincial government jobs on an adjusted ethnic basis, according to sources in the provincial government. Ethnic factions in the disputed province agreed to a three-way equal division of official jobs between the Arab, Turkmen, and Kurdish communities, with a small share of posts for minority groups such as Christians.

The governor of Kirkuk province, Abd al-Rahman Mustafa, issued an order on Sunday to all high-level governorate employees to cooperate with the “fact-finding committee” in Kirkuk province, civil service members told IraqSlogger. The governor also met with fact-finding committee members over the weekend, according to Kirkuk-based sources.

Hawija raids

Iraqi army forces conducted widespread raiding operations in a predominantly Sunni Arab district of Kirkuk province, residents told IraqSlogger.

The raids took place in the Hawija distrct, southwest of Kirkuk, starting Sunday afternoon, and according to local sources targeted several villages in the Hawija area, including al-Aklawa, al-Mahuz, and al-Khan.

Residents told IraqSlogger that the targeted villages are inhabited by members of the Jabour tribe.

Twenty people were detained in the operations. Locals describe the men who were detained were recently released from detention by US forces, suspecting an arrest campaign by Iraqi troops to re-incarcerate those who had been released by American troops.

Members of IraqSlogger's network of Iraqi staff contributed to this report but choose to remain anonymous for security reasons.


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