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Four Arrested in Mosul after Clashes
Gunmen Defied Order to Stop at Checkpoint: Ministry Source
By AHMAD MUHAMMAD 03/16/2009 8:05 PM ET
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MOSUL -- Iraqi police clashed with suspects at a checkpoint in Mosul today when the gunmen refused to heed orders to stop at a checkpoint in the northern Iraqi city.

All four suspects in the vehicle were arrested after the clash, according to a security source. The incident occurred in the 17 Tammouz district, west of Mosul city, near an Iraqi police checkpoint by the main road in the sector.

A source in the Iraqi Interior Ministry, speaking anonymously, said that “A squad arrested four suspects driving a BMW car on Monday morning in the 17 Tammouz (17th of July) area after asking the car to stop” at the checkpoint.

“After the forces clashed with the suspects, they handed themselves and their weapons over (to the police) and they are now being interrogated,” the ministry source added.

No injuries were reported in the fighting that preceded the arrests.

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