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Egyptians Arrested in Babil Province
Tribal Shaykh Detained in Iskandiriya; Cops Can't Identify Body
By SLOGGER NETWORK 03/19/2009 5:44 PM ET
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Three men of Egyptian nationality were arrested in Babil province, south of Baghdad, security sources said. Forces of the so-called “Scorpion Brigade” raided an apartment on Monday in the city center of Hilla, the provincial capital. Security sources told Slogger that the men were detained under Iraq’s counter-terrorism law, without providing further details.

On Saturday, police forces cited the same law in an arrest raid in northern Babil Province, in which they detained a man identified as Shaykh Majid Ahmad, a local tribal leader in the Iskandiriya area, a security source told Slogger.

The same source added that Iraqi police forces had uncovered 50 kilograms (110 pounds) and assorted weapons in a cache in Jurf al-Sakhar, in the northern area of the province.

The same day Iraqi police discovered an unidentified body in the Buhayrat area of Iskanderia, in northern Babil province, a security source told Slogger. The source added that the corpse was found in such a badly decomposed state that police inspectors could not establish any leads as to the victim’s identity.

Members of IraqSlogger's network of Iraqi staff contributed to this report but choose to remain anonymous for security reasons.


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