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Sahwa Leaders Appeal to Gov’t on Radio
“We are With the Government to Help, With Our Lives and Our Sons”
04/05/2009 4:00 PM ET
BAGHDAD – On Sunday, local Mosul Radio aired pleas by Sahwa leaders, addressed to the Iraqi government. They asked for Iraq's leadership to understand that they were acting in the interest of the nation’s security. Leaders from several areas of northern Iraq “implored the government not to disassemble the Sahwa in the hot areas.”

They explained, “Many of our members have been arrested, and many leaders were assassinated, especially in Baghdad, Diyala, and Kirkuk. The accusations were that we are involved with al-Qaeda and al-Baath. We are out of that. We are with the government to help, with our lives and our sons – to regain life to the cities of Iraq – and the government must help us. Also we need to pay our members their salaries.”

In closing, they said, “If violence in the city of Mosul continues after the new governor is in power, we pledge to aid in security there. Again, we will give our lives and sons to protect people here, as we protected our own cities.”


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