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RI: Preventing the Point of No Return
Advocacy Group Warns of Politicization of Refugee Returns in New Field Report
04/09/2009 6:40 PM ET

Here's the first paragraph of a newly released report by Washington-based refugee advocacy organization Refugees International, which sent a delegation to Iraq last month to assess the status of refugees at five sites in Iraq.

The number of displaced Iraqis remains high, both inside the country and in neighboring ones. They remain reluctant to go back due to lack of security, the creation of ethnically cleansed neighborhoods, and poor government services. However, since the only realistic solution for the majority of displaced Iraqis is to return, the Government of Iraq, the United States, and the United Nations need to work together to establish safe conditions. The government needs to increase the effectiveness of education, health care, and employment programs. The U.S. and the UN need to maintain funding for humanitarian programs, while the UN expands its presence in the country significantly.
The delegation included Refugees International President Ken Bacon, Senior Advocate Kristèle Younès and consultant Nir Rosen visited Baghdad, Iskanderia, Fallujah, Karbala and Hilla.

Download the four-page report, which includes policy recommendations for Iraq and the United States, here: Iraq___Preventing_the_Point_of_No_Return.pdf, or scroll through the document below.


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