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Mosul: Planning For Future Amid Violence
Explosions, Killing Unabated, But Education and Reconstruction Try To Compete
04/11/2009 8:34 PM ET
Al-Hadba Leader Atheel al-Najafi Presides Over an Exhibition of Graduate Student Projects at Mosul Technical College
Phto: Iraqslogger
Al-Hadba Leader Atheel al-Najafi Presides Over an Exhibition of Graduate Student Projects at Mosul Technical College

BAGHDAD – It has been a bloody weekend in Mosul, with a truck bomb exploding near a police headquarters in the city’s southwest district, killing five US soldiers, two Iraqi policemen, and wounding over 70, according to local police. In the past three days, there have been several policemen and civilians killed by IEDs, “sticky bombs”, unknown gunmen, Dhafer al-Jamil, a candidate from the Political Council for National Powers List was also assassinated and kidnappings have continued around the city.

A source in Mosul’s police force said that mortar shells hit Mosul’s Badoush Prison in an apparent attempted prison break, following several arrests of suspects connected with al-Qaeda in Iraq. Some prisoners were said to have successfully fled the scene, but their escape is not being publicized.

Two eye witnesses familiar with the Iraqslogger network claimed to have seen American troops “randomly arresting” people in the al-Shurta neighborhood of northern Mosul. Seven people were reported as being captured, without a reason that was clear to their families and neighbors.

Atheel al-Najafi, the leader of the new majority party in Ninewa, was seen Thursday night on Iraqi television, accusing “some people” in Mosul of trying to hinder the transition of power to the newly elected provincial council, underscoring the tensions between the Kurdish and Arab leadership in the province.

Earlier in the day, Al-Najafi (pictured above) inaugurated the opening of an exhibition of graduate student projects at Mosul Technical College, which included final projects in engineering, architecture, computer engineering, and medical technology. He also visited several college laboratories, and discussed issues facing the college with the dean, faculty, and students. Al-Najafi finished by making promises to further support the college.

Also on Friday, Mosul district commissioner Zuhair al-Araji met with American military leadership in Mosul (pictured below), discussing reconstruction efforts, general development of Mosul, levels of bureaucracy since the election, lack of services, and security. Al-Araji has recently been publicly critical of reconstruction projects in Mosul in the past six years.

According to an MNFI press release, 1,346 basic training recruits graduated from the Mosul Public Service Police Academy on April 8.

Photo: Iraqslogger


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