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Mosul Roundup: Violence Continues
Eye Witnesses Describe Incidents Not Otherwise Reported
04/23/2009 10:17 PM ET

Of the multiple security incidents which took place in Mosul over the past few days (which included a grenade thrown at a group of civilians - wounding four of them, several IEDs and car bombs, local merchants killed by unknown gunmen, etc.), here are some of the incidents eye-witnesses described to Iraqslogger.

On Thursday, in al-Faisaliya neighborhood, a witness described seeing an IED detonating as a US patrol passed, which caused “enormous damage to nearby stores and cars”. Two civilians were thought to have been killed and several others wounded. Another witness said they saw two American soldiers which were wounded. GIs immediately blocked the street from all cars and civilian pedestrian traffic.

Also on Thursday in the morning, an IED planted at the side of the road exploded while a police patrol passed, in the central Mosul area of Bab al-Toub. One policeman was said to have been killed and w policemen and eight civilians wounded.

On Wednesday yesterday, in the al-Majmoa'a neighborhood of northern Mosul, an armed man was seen throwing a grenade at a US patrol when they were moving in that area. Again, the street was blocked at once, making further observation impossible.

Many Mosul residents are angry about an incident on Tuesday, near the tomb of the Prophet Jona, in which vehicles in a US convoy ran over a man (said to be 60 years old, though it is not confirmed). Witnesses say they left him with his lying on ground. He was later taken to the hospital in a police car.

Members of Iraqslogger’s network of Iraqi staff contributed to this report, but choose to remain anonymous, for security reasons.


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