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Large Mosul Weapons Cache Found
Body of Iraqi Soldier who Killed GIs on Saturday is received at Mosul's Morgue
05/03/2009 7:06 PM ET
On the tip of an anonymous informer who told of a cache of weapons and other “suspicious matters”, the 3rd brigade of the Iraqi Army searched in a seemingly abandoned building in Mosul’s Islah Al-Zerayi neighborhood. They arrested two men found in the process of preparing IEDs to be used in attacks, and confiscated an amount numbering in the “thousands” of a great variety of weapons and artillery (pictured).

Also, buried in the basement of the building, dozens of police and army uniforms were discovered. According to a US military statement on the well-publicized killing of two US soldiers in Mosul on Saturday, “an individual dressed in an Iraqi Army uniform fired on the Coalition forces and was killed in the incident.” On Sunday, Aswat al-Iraq reported that the perpetrator’s name was Hassan Mohammed Nayef, “born in 1983”, and that he was indeed an Iraqi soldier. His body was reportedly delivered to Mosul’s morgue with “signs of gunshot wounds to different parts of the body.”

Another MNFI press release on Saturday describes a joint Iraqi Special Operations Forces/Coalition “forces advisors,” arrested a suspected car bomb cell leader during an April 26th mission. “This arrest should disrupt future car bomb attacks in Ninewa Province,” said an unnamed ground force commander.

The press release made sure to mention that a warrant for the operation was issued by a Ninewa judge.

Both Saturday and Sunday saw deaths by IEDs and car bombs in Mosul.


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