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Diyala Arrest to Press Tawafuq on Minister?
Squeezing Sunni Bloc in Diyala to Roll Back Pressure in Baghdad?
By SLOGGER NETWORK 05/25/2009 7:02 PM ET
Sources in Diyala Province told Slogger that a rumor is circulating that the detention of a prominent Sunni Arab political leader in the governorate last week may be linked to corruption allegations regarding a prominent Da'wa official in Baghdad.

The arrest last week of provincial council member Abd al-Jabbar Ali al-Khazraji, known also as Abu Mujahid, has sparked protests among supporters of the Tawafuq Front, the Sunni Arab bloc which the detained leader leads in the province.

The rumor circulating among Tawafuq supporters suggests that security forces loyal to the Da'wa Party of Iraqi PM Nuri al-Maliki arrested the Tawafuq leader in order to apply pressure on his party in a corruption case in Baghdad.

Falah al-Sudani, the Da'wa-affiliated trade minister, formally resigned his post on Monday in context of a brewing corruption scandal and apparent cabinet reshuffle. Tawafuq leaders in Parliament have pressed for formal procedures to be brought against the former minister.

The rumor in Diyala Province suggests that the arrest in Diyala Province could be a Da'wa strategy for pressing the Tawafuq Front to ease off its demands to prosecute the Da'wa former minister.

IraqSlogger cannot confirm this rumor at this time.


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