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Iraq TV: Maliki Accepts Minister's Resignation
Monday Night News
05/25/2009 7:03 PM ET
By Daniel W. Smith and Yousif al-Timimi

The buzz today was that Prime Minister al-Maliki accepted Trade Minister Abdul Falah al-Sudani’s resignation. Some channels such as government-backed Al-Iraqiya reported that al-Sudani tried to resign before the questioning, but that al-Maliki rejected the resignation “to let the parliament do its job.”

Since a member of the cabinet retains many perks if they resign that they will lose if voted out, some channels called it a plan between al-Sudani and al-Maliki. MP Nassier al-Esawi, said “We are determined to dismiss the trade minister and he has no rights to resign during the process of questioning.” On the IIP’s Baghdad TV, MP Hassan Dekan made the point that al-Maliki’s loudly-announced upcoming cabinet shuffle might not make much difference, since there isn’t a great deal of time before national elections. Several MPs demanded that al-Maliki divulge the names of ministers who are to be replaced. Al-Rafadain said that “reportage exposed that 62% of Iraqis see al-Maliki's government as corrupted.”

Vice President Tariq Al-Hashimi said, of his resignation as head of the IIP, “My request to be excused from the leadership of the Islamic party, because I want to serve all Iraqis." On another channel, he said, “There is no political reason behind giving up my position." MP Shirwan Al-Wahli warned that al-Qaeda was to intensify their targeting of IIP officials.

On a dramatic Al-Rafadain report, disappearing former MP Muhammed al-Daini suddenly appeared, (in footage picked up from al-Rahai TV - formerly Zawra channel) saying, “I was targeted because I uncovered the corruption and human rights violations in al-Maliki's government.” He accused Khalid al-Attia of fabricating the charges against him.

The Kurdistan Regional Government voted to now issue passports to adult females without the permission of a “guardian,” such as a father, husband, or brother.

Maysan’s health department seized 295 tons of flour which it reported were not fit for human consumption, in Trade Ministry warehouses. Also in Maysan, the local Sadrist office made public a prisoner hunger strike, protesting living conditions.

UNHCR expressed reservations about the Denmark-Iraq joint decision to forcibly repatriate Iraqi refugees.

The KRG criticized the central government because it did not send the funds budgeted for Kurdistan's upcoming election. Some channels reported that the KRG accused the central government of plotting to withhold the funds permanently. In a possible mark of the budget crunch, a government committee demanded that debts of Iraqi cell phone companies must paid of a $2 billion debt at once, with “no installments”.

In Fallujah, Col. Abdul-Salam Khawam survived the second assassination attempt by IED in one week.

Three female college students in Mosul were shot by unknown gunmen.

Death sentences were reportedly handed out to eight “special groups” members in Diwaniya, after being found guilty of terrorism.

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