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Report: Mental Health of War Zone Contractors
The Psychological Health of Contractors Working in War Zones
05/27/2009 2:45 PM ET
This study by Anthony Feinstein (Department of Psychiatry, University of Toronto and Department of Psychiatry, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, Toronto, Ontario) and Maggie Botes (International Contractors Association, Pretoria, South Africa) examines the psychological health of contractors working in war zones. Depression, psychological distress, alcohol abuse, demographics were all factors in the study, as was whether an employer provided pre- and post- deployment support and the availability of psychological help while on deployment.

From the introduction...
It is estimated that up to 126,000 contractors are working in Iraq. The dangers they confront are stark—unofficial estimates put their death toll at a little over 1,000, with nearly 13,000 injured in the past 6 years. Given that approximately 13% of soldiers returning from Iraq are thought to suffer from post traumatic stress disorder, it is likely that many contractors will also be experiencing combat related mental health problems. No study has, however examined this question.

Download a PDF of the entire 4-page report. Contractors_war_zones_Feinstein_final.pdf


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